Known issues in SDMtoolbox Pro

  1. When running the ‘SDMtools -> MaxEnt Tools-> Modeling with MaxEnt –> Run MaxEnt: Spatial Jackknife’ tool, for some reason, the associated scripts cannot be run more than once per ArcGIS session. Thus, you need to save and re-open your project when attempting to run this multiple times. Then everything works again. Note: click ‘History’ tab in ArcCatalog to speed this up (your previous settings will be saved).
  2. Scripts that simply do not work, yet:
    1. ” SDMtools -> Universal Tools-> Spatially rarefy-> 3. Multi-distance Spatially Rarefy Occurrence data for SDMs”
    2. “Basic Tools -> Raster tools ->6a Apply Same Color Ramp to All Open Rasters”
    3. “Basic Tools -> Raster tools ->6b Export JPEGs of all open files”
    4. “Export Images of All Color-Permutations of an RGB raster”

All these issues will be addressed before the full release of this software, likely in April 2020. In addition to fixing these bugs, I will also provide an updated user guide. A few tools were depreciated either because I felt no one used them or because they simply didn’t work as intended. Do let me know if there is something you miss that has been removed.